okay—just going to go ahead and be honest here

you know what i very much dislike?

when people have music on their blogs and it automatically plays when i go to their page!

who said that i wanted to listen to that? WHO SAID!? and what if i am already listening to something?

Oh—and if it’s silent and then all of a sudden BAM—uncalled for music. 

Always annoys me but never wanted to offend anyone but now I’m just going to make a text post about it because I am sure that there are many who agree.

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  2. divorcingmydisorder said: AGREED. especially when their blog isn’t infinite scroll and every time you go to a new page it starts playing again. ugh.
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    In the web design community it’s considered very bad form to take over the user’s speakers without their prompting it. I...
  4. fulfilledd said: i hateeeee that and I keep 384190347 tabs up on my computer so when one suddenly starts playing music, i can’t figure out where it’s coming from
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    Same here. It’s one thing if it gives you the option to play it, but I HATE when you go to a tab and have music start...
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